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Top Fall Trees

There are many different ways to choose trees. From their size, to their shade characteristics, to the types of wildlife they attract, or whether they bear fruit or nuts. Lots of people plant dogwood, crabapple, flowering cherry or redbud in order to have a riot of blossoms early in the year.

Flowers are great, but for us there’s nothing better than a crisp fall day after the heat and humidity of summer has fled, and the way that nearly every tree is flaming yellow, crimson and orange. This is the time of year when flowers and fruit cede the stage and foliage gets all the attention.

Want your yard to be eye-catching, even in the fall? Here are our top choices for fall trees.

Japanese Maple

While all maples have great fall color, Japanese maple is perhaps best suited for an urban environment. It doesn’t get too big, and its reddish-purple leaves turn crimson or scarlet when the air gets cool.

Bald Cypress

The bald cypress isn’t what most people think when they think of fall color. For one thing, it’s a conifer. But it’s a deciduous conifer, and it turns a glorious flame orange in the fall. Reaching a height of up to seventy feet, it’s a striking focal point in a large yard.

Black Tupelo

For a versatile choice, try black tupelo. It’s primarily a decorative tree, and though it’s a slow grower, can reach up to 50 feet. It attracts birds and other wildlife with its plentiful fruit. In the fall, it’s known for its variegated foliage — it turns a wide variety of shades from scarlet, purple, crimson, gold and orange — usually all on the same branch!


The sweetgum tree has glossy, hand-shaped leaves throughout most of the year, but when the weather turns cooler, they darken to a reddish-plum color. As an added bonus, the leaves stay on the tree a fair bit longer than most, extending your fall season.


This tree belies its name, with its fragrant flowers in early summer. But even in the fall it puts on a show, with yellow, orange, or even purple foliage. This tree does double duty!

Trees can be rewarding to grow, and never more so than in the fall. But although they are low-maintenance, they are not “no-maintenance,” so be sure to get them pruned every few years by the certified arborists at JL Tree.

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