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Tree Stump Grinding

Why Tree Stump Grinding?

It’s a big job taking down a mature tree. Until you have hired a tree service company to do it, you can barely conceptualize the volume of branches and limbs, to say nothing of how big an oak tree looks when it’s sitting there in pieces on your back lawn.

But even when the wood is all cleaned up and hauled away, a major part of the job remains to be done: grinding out the tree stump.

You may be tempted to leave the tree stump there. It might seem like an unnecessary expense. You might tell yourself it’s picturesque, but here are some very good reasons to take the tree stump out.

  1. It’s in the way. Very small tree stumps might not be too bad, provided they’re level with the ground. But a tree stump is a major pain to mow around, and it is not impossible to plant anything in its place. Tree stumps and tree roots are very dense. They take years to fully decompose.
  1. It might not stay dead. Certain species of trees are prone to suckering, even after the main tree has been removed. You don’t want to take one down only to have ten more pop up in its place. Grinding out the stump will remove the energy reserves any remaining roots have to sucker.
  2. It’s a potential hazard. As the stump and roots decompose, they will hollow out, potentially leaving ankle-torquing holes in your lawn that you won’t realize are there until you put your foot through them. This is especially a concern if you have kids playing in that area.

If you have a tree stump to remove, call the tree stump grinding experts at JL Tree: 703-359-4444. Call us today, you’ll be glad you did.  Learn more about tree stump grinding.

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