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Why Mature Trees Should be Pruned

It can seem counterintuitive to have to prune trees. Trees grow in forests all over the world without anyone to prune them, particularly when they get very tall. Why should trees require pruning?

There are a few reasons to prune trees. In the wild, the death of, or damage to, any individual tree is of little consequence. After all, there are many trees. However, in a urban landscape like Arlington VA, where trees must co-exist with humans, we must have different standards.

The first standard is health and safety. Trees must be made as safe as possible to avoid causing damage to people and property. Trees should also be maintained in a configuration or limb structure that is as sturdy as possible.

The second standard regards disease. In an urban landscape, mature trees are an asset to the community that is not easily replaced. Therefore trees should be monitored for insect damage, blight, and other diseases that might damage it or spread to other trees.

The third standard is aesthetics. It’s a well-known phenomenon that looking at nature and growing things improves peoples’ mood, health and quality of life. With that in mind, trees should look as attractive as possible in order to reap the benefits.

Safe and Proper Tree Care is Important

Tree care is a very hazardous profession due to the unpredictable way that tree limbs react when you cut them. They can roll, swing, snap, tumble or bounce, depending on how they are cut and the other physical forces at play. Pruning trees requires a lot of expertise and experience just on the safety aspect.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is the tree’s health. Improper pruning can cause just as much damage as an unpruned tree. Unpruned trees may have overgrown, tangled or weakened limbs, which can promote rot or disease. But bad pruning practices can also harbor or introduce disease, not to mention that reducing too much of the leaves will damage the tree’s ability to make food for itself. Poor pruning can cause a tree to go into a long decline.

Don’t Kill Your Tree with Bad Pruning

That’s why it’s important to have a certified arborist care for your tree. Some “tree care” companies are only “tree removal” companies, and don’t know anything about preserving the health of your tree.  You will want to research your tree care specialist to make sure that they have arborists on staff, the way that JL Tree does. Arborists are certified in arboriculture and urban forestry and will know just what to do to ensure your tree lives a long, healthy life.

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