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Tree Hazards: How To Tell if Your Tree Is a Danger

Probably the single most common question we get from potential customers is “How do I know if I need to get you in to prune my tree?” Since JL Tree Service In Fairfax VA offers free at-home estimates, we always offer to help people make that decision in person. But most people are leery of “wasting our time” as they always say, so we put together this information to let you know when you should call us.

  • Are any branches interfering with overhead lines? Could they potentially interfere with the lines if the wind was up?
  • Are there any broken branches dangling, or suspended by other branches?
  • Are there any dead branches that have not yet fallen?
  • Have any nearby trees fallen over or died?
  • Are there visible cracks in the trunk near where the branches attach?
  • Are there hollows or rotten spots where branches have broken off or been cut before?
  • Has the tree been topped or otherwise heavily pruned?
  • Has there been any work done nearby (such as trenching or installing a driveway) that could have potentially damaged the roots?
  • Are there mushrooms growing around the base of the tree?
  • Are the tree roots “heaving”? (Extremely visible and prominent, with gaps underneath?)
  • Has the trunk developed a lean?
  • Do the leaves seem unusually large? Are they yellowed, or some other unusual color?

These are all signs of trouble that laymen can easily notice. If you see any of these trouble signs, call our offices immediately, and we will have a certified arborist right out to assess your tree, give you an estimate, and set a work date. Any of these signs could spell imminent disaster, and we will certainly give the job priority if that is the case. After all, you can never tell when the next big storm will knock down a dead branch, or the tree might just fall down all by itself.

Some people are concerned with the cost, but rest assured that our prices are very fair (especially when you consider the cost of the damage a falling tree might incur). We wouldn’t have so many thousands of satisfied customers if we didn’t do a great job for a reasonable price.

If you see any of these issues, please don’t delay. Call our offices immediately to have an expert arborist out to look at your tree. Just call (703) 359-4444.

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