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Northern VA Snow Plow Service

Does it seem like Northern Virginia winters are getting worse? We’re certainly getting a lot of demand for our snow plow services.

The National Weather Service has kept snowfall records in Northern Virginia for decades. Check out the dates of the top five record snowfalls for Dulles, VA, just as an example:

Top Five Record Snowfalls for Dulles, VA
Total Date
32.4” Feb 5-6, 2010 (Snowpocalypse)
24.6” Jan 6-8, 1996
22.8” Feb 10-11, 1983
21.7” Feb 15-17, 2003
18.0” Dec 18-19, 2009

It does seem like it’s getting worse, doesn’t it?

At any rate, if you’ve got a parking lot, long lane, or if you manage multiple properties, you’ll be happy to hear that JL Tree offers prompt and conscientious snow plowing services.

Some of our customers have been using our snow plowing services for over thirty years! We have contracts with shopping centers, hospitals, property managers and homeowners associations all over Northern Virginia.

Our rates are fair and competitive, and our equipment is newer so you don’t have to worry about us breaking down and delaying the snow clearing.

We have eight pickups equipped with snowplows, as well as five sanders for salt and sand application. When the snow gets deep, we have two rubber tire loaders and a bobcat.

Trustworthy And Reliable

When a winter storm blows up, you don’t want to be caught holding the bag. We’ve seen people’s businesses almost held hostage when they didn’t have contracts in place with reputable snow clearers — and then some guy with a truck came by and charged them three times the going rate.

The trouble is, a snow service is like insurance — by the time you need it, it’s too late to go looking. Don’t let that be you this winter.

As our long track record with our clients attests, we are dependable. In addition, some of our drivers have been clearing snow for almost 10 years with us. Feel free to call our office for some client testimonials.

When we get a lot of snow, our entire staff (more than 70 strong) works around the clock to get all the work done. Having been in business since 1979, our guys have been out in every blizzard in that Top 5 table, making sure that people could go about their lives as soon as possible.

To sign up for our snow clearing services, please call our offices at 703-359-4444.

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