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With summer temperatures fading and winter weather just on the horizon, home and business owners start to focus on things that can be done from inside a property to save money on utility costs. Before turning the thermostat up or digging out the blankets to keep warm, one should also consider what can be done outside a home or business to keep bills down. Especially for those living in suburban Northern Virginia, one of the easiest ways to do this is by planting trees.

The McClean VA tree removal experts at JL Tree Service know first-hand how difficult this task can be; it is not enough to simply plant a tree randomly throughout a landscape, but one must also know what type of tree is best as well as the optimal location for planting. For example, trees that lose their leaves in the fall, such as Deciduous trees, shades a property during the summer but lets sunlight in throughout the winter. This can ultimately save on both heading and cooling costs. On the other hand, Evergreen trees act as a year-round air-conditioner as their constantly filled limbs provide shade regardless of the season.

What are the most important things to keep in mind when adding trees to any property landscape? Allow these tips from our McClean VA tree service professionals be your guide:

  1. Trees that lose their leaves in the winter (such as Deciduous trees) are usually best positioned where a property gets the most sunlight. Most often, this is on the west or southwest of a home or business. Conversely, Evergreen trees should generally be placed where a property needs the most windbreak or near an area that needs shade all year long.
  2. Think long term when planting trees. Eventually, the tree will mature and one must anticipate what portion of a property its canopy will shade. Also, a tree should be planted far enough away from the building, sidewalks, patios, and driveways to prevent it from interfering with any of these platforms as it grows.
  3. Try to plant a tree near the air-conditioning unit, if possible. Doing so will assist the air-conditioner, doing part of the work for the machine and ultimately help lower cooling costs.
  4. When planting trees on any property, it is always best to consider which types are best suited for that particular region. The trees that are native to the area will be more likely to successfully fight pests and disease, while others may not be suited to thrive appropriately.
  5. Regardless of what type of tree is chosen, it should never be planted directly beneath power lines or above buried cables to prevent interference as it matures.

Still have questions regarding the best types of trees to plant for your home or business? Don’t just guess when it comes to landscaping, refer to McClean VA tree removal experts for assistance. JL Tree Service will provide you a free, no obligation estimate so all clients know exactly the tasks to be performed and its final cost so that there are no surprises; except for how beautiful your property looks afterward, of course!

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