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How Much Does Tree Service Cost?

You have probably found your way here by Googling the cost of tree pruning in Northern Virginia, and if you’ve gotten to this point, you’re probably pretty certain that you’re going to need the services of a tree care professional in the near future. So before you click away, let us allay your fears: Tree Service probably costs less than you’d think.

However, we can’t give you an actual number because every tree is different, and it depends what you need done to it. If you have an ornamental pear tree that’s 15 feet tall and needs to be pruned, that’s an altogether different proposition than a 60-foot maple that’s getting too close for comfort to the power line.

Things You Can Do to Lower The Cost of Your Tree Service

First of all, in the interests of education, never hire a tree company that goes door to door. Anybody can call themselves a tree care company, and legitimate companies don’t advertise that way. Mostly we see this happening after a big storm, when fly-by-night companies take advantage of people who are in a bad situation. Always check credentials and insurance at the very least.

But since you’re Googling the cost of tree service, you probably don’t have an emergency situation on your hands (because that stuff is handled by insurance). What you probably have is a tree that looks like it needs some work. Maybe there’s a massive limb overhanging your garage. It could be anything.

But the first thing to know is that, like most companies that work outdoors, tree care companies have an off-season in the winter. And during the winter, you can usually get a pretty good deal on any work you need done. At JL Tree, for instance, we offer 15% off the invoice if you get the work done during the winter months. That can really help the pocketbook.

The first thing you want to do, however, is call for an estimate. Estimates are free at JL Tree, and you’ll get a quote from someone who has the health of the tree in mind. Many tree care “specialists” are more like tree removal specialist, and if there’s any doubt about the health of the tree, they’ll just tell you to remove it. We know that trees are worth a lot in terms of property value and sheer aesthetic beauty, so we want you to keep it if you can. We can also tell you if the work can wait until winter.

10% Off On Tree Service

If it can’t, don’t despair. You can have 10% off, just by using the coupon on this page. How’s that, eh? It pays to do your research, doesn’t it?

And don’t be afraid to give us a call. We’ve been in business for over 35 years, and we’ve built up a reputation for being extremely good value for the money. We’ll help you out. Call 703-359-4444 for your free estimate today.

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