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Awareness – be careful when driving

It can happen at any time, storm or no storm.  One of our own, Marcelino Cruz was driving home from work the other evening and a tree fell and hit his car pinning him into his seat.  It was a large dying/dead Red Oak that fell from a good distance from the road.  30 good samaritans helped lift the large trunk off the car to help save his life.  I write this post as a awareness to let drivers know to be aware of dead/dying trees, while they are driving.  Especially in dense tree areas.  This specific incident happened in Rock Creek Park.

This happens more often than anyone would like.  It can happen in a split second, so sometimes it can even happen to the most aware driver.  But it doesn’t hurt to be extra aware, especially in storms, and when driving in dense tree canopy areas where the road leads!

Marcelino is in our thoughts and prayers.  He has a crack in his skull and neck, we are still getting details on how he is doing but he does not have movement in his arm and leg.


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