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Alexandria VA Tree Service Offers Checklist for Winter Preparation

Alexandria VA Tree Service

Despite their beauty and shading value during the summer, trees and other types of landscaping can become a real headache for home or business owners during the cold winter months. Working throughout Northern Virginia since 1978, the experts at JL Tree Service know that most of the stress placed on trees is completely unavoidable, much to the dismay of property holders. One has very little control over the storms, ice, and quick temperature changes that are all known to cause damage to landscaping.

On the other hand, our Alexandria VA tree removal professionals also know that there are things that one can do to minimize the stress that impacts trees and other landscaping. As a guide, JL Tree Service offers the following checklist to help home and business owners to reduce wintertime damage to their property:

  • When choosing which trees to plant, one should always keep their area’s hardiness zone in mind. Opting to plant trees that are native to milder zones than yours can prove problematic, as these are more likely to experience the most stress during a particularly stressful winter.
  • As stronger trees will always have an easier time weathering any winter storm than unhealthy ones, it is important to make upkeep and tree maintenance a priority all year long.
  • Home and business owners should inspect their trees every spring for any damage that was caused during the winter. Any damage found should be promptly treated by a skilled Alexandria VA tree service contractor.
  • Should one choose to prune their own trees, remember that it should be done only after the tree has entered dormancy for the winter. Neglecting to do so can result in missing new growth that springs up after the fact.
  • Laying some mulch around the base of a tree will work to control temperature fluctuations and compensate for the loss of moisture during the winter. Prevent mice and other rodents from entering the base of the tree by leaving a space between the mulch and the trunk. Should this fail to deter furry critters, consider using bait or repellants as well.

Is preparing the landscaping on your home or business an increasingly daunting task? No problem! Let our Alexandria VA tree care professionals help them hibernate properly. A trusted name in Northern Virginia landscaping care since 1978, JL Tree Service offers a free, no obligation estimate allowing all clients to find out what it is going to take to complete the job efficiently and correctly. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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