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Why You Should Use A Certified Arborist for Your Trees

One of the biggest problems within the tree care industry is the number of small tree “care” companies that are really only tree removal specialists. The average person doesn’t know the difference, but these companies have a different business model than true tree care companies. Tree removal companies remove trees for a fee and often sell the wood afterwards. These companies serve a purpose — they are good for clearing land or removing stormfall. But they are not arborists. And if you care about the health of your trees, an arborist is what you want.

What is an arborist?

Arborists are trained, first and foremost, in the science of promoting strong and healthy trees. The ISA, the International Society of Arboriculture, is the global governing body of arborists, and they enforce stringent qualifications for people to become certified arborists.

Arborists must be highly trained and experienced in tree care. They often hold degrees in aboriculture, forestry, horticulture or landscape design. They must maintain the highest degree of safety in their work and ascribe to a professional code of ethics.

What does an arborist do?

There are many roles for an arborist. Their job is to maintain the health of trees, and there are many jobs where that is necessary. For instance, some arborists work for utility companies to prune trees away from lines. Some certified arborists work for municipalities to manage urban forests.

And some, like the ISA-certified arborists at JL Tree, help homeowners maintain and care for their trees.

What makes working with an arborist different?

The biggest difference in working with a certified arborist versus a tree removal company is that the arborist can be relied on to know what’s in the best interests of the tree. From the tree removal company’s standpoint, every tree is going to come down someday, and they’re not going to promise you that the tree is safe because they simply don’t know. So they’re going to advise you to remove it. An aborist, however, knows about the lifespans of various species of trees, their weaknesses, their disease profiles, and many other aspects of tree health.

If your tree is a risk, the arborist will tell you so. Whether it is diseased or dying, or whether it simply needs some thorough pruning, the arborist will create a thorough plan that puts a live, healthy tree above a dead one. The arborist knows that a tree is worth a lot more alive; it provides shade, improves property values, and is pleasant to look at, even aside from the environmental benefits. Furthermore, the arborist will know the proper way to prune it to enhance its beauty even more.

That’s the difference when you’re working with a certified arborist. A healthy, beautiful tree is our goal too.


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