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Emergency Tree Removal Services in Mclean VA

JL Tree Service Inc has been taking trees off houses for over 38 years. This specific emergency tree removal job took major effort and time to complete. A crane could not be used due to location and nice driveway, so the trees on the house had to be removed by hand very meticulously. Using 4 bull ropes and 3 hand lines, Vicente, who has been working for the company for almost 20 years rigged up to 4 trees behind the house.  Each cut had to be carefully thought, but Vicente made it look easy with his years of experience in rigging, roping, and taking large trees off houses.  Some cribbing was used as well to ensure nothing was damaged.  There was a beautiful sun room directly under where the tree had fallen on the peak of the house above.  No further damage was caused by the crew and they did a magnificent job removing this large and difficult tree removal in Mclean VA.  Kudos to the guys – way to go fellas, you are good!

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