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Don’t let this happen to your trees!

Most everyone who live in the DC Metropolitan area (Northern VA, Maryland, and Washington DC) are surrounded by large trees. Maybe in your neighborhood or close by, many have large trees on their property in close proximity to their house.  That is OK, usually!  However ,it also comes with responsibility in maintaining those beloved large trees to keep them from falling in a storm. Red Oaks in particular, are the most common for having root issues and have greater chances to fall in a storm than other species.  Mostly because it is common for a Red Oak to have some form of root rot or decay.

The very best thing a tree owner can do it keep it pruned if its a healthy tree. Our estimators keep a perspective of saving and preserving trees as much as possible, although some just need to be removed either because the tree is dead, diseased, or has to much decay/fungus to take any chances. Many times though, even with some apparent issues, a tree is OK – trees are good at taking care of them selves for the major weather and climate patterns and various trials.  Pruning is a necessary practice in urban forestry.  There are many types of tree pruning to maintain your trees.  The most important aspect is yard, house, and human safety!  Professional companies offer free estimates and you would be surprised that the costs are not as steep as you might think to have it professionally done the right way versus using a fly by knight company.  Please make smart decisions when pruning your trees, and whatever you do don’t let any tree cutter use spikes on live healthy trees when pruning.  And get those trees pruned so this doesn’t happen! …

Downed Tree


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