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Tree Removal – Awesome new drone videos!

May 8th, 2017

New Tree Removal Videos

JL Tree Service Inc had some recent drone videos and footage taken of 2 local jobs, in Fairfax VA and Fairfax Station VA. Check out the great footage the drones got of the guys in action!

Tree Service in Reston VA Testimonial

April 26th, 2017

JL Tree Service Inc Testimonial Reston VA

Very pleased customer in Reston Virginia for tree removal, great job guys keep up the good work.

I’m delighted by the service I received from JL Tree over the past two days.  The crew yesterday worked quickly and did a stellar job of removing the tree, brush, etc. and John came by to grind the stump today and was able to remove the entire stump in tact and fill the hole.

Thanks for getting this done exactly a week from when the tree fell. Had hoped for but really didn’t think it could be taken care of that efficiently.

Tree Service Removal

March 22nd, 2017

Oak tree with a major crack

Check out the pictures of this double leader Red Oak tree with a major crack at the crotch.  One of the large leaders is leaning right towards a path where many people walk everyday.  These are the types of trees that should be removed or cared for right away.

Emergency Tree Service and Removal

January 3rd, 2017

Emergency Tree Service and Removal

Recent wind storms and excess rain water can cause significant trouble for trees.  Trees can quite easily topple over and fall, especially when these 2 nature events (wind and rain) occur at the same time.  See the picture below of a large Oak tree that split and came toppling down during a recent wind storm.  Thankfully, this dangerous emergency split and uprooted tree got caught up in a large tree close by.  If it would have fallen in another direction, it could have easily landed on one of the houses close by crushing the roof and causing a potential hazardous situation.

JL Tree Service Inc had to remove this tree by hand.  We sent our cranes but the reach was too far.  So our highly trained and experienced tree climbers used 4 heavy duty bull ropes to rig this tree to the ground without causing any further damage.  Our company offers a 15% off Winter Discount, call us to get a Free Estimate or evaluation for your trees.  The Winter is a great time to have our tree crews come out.


Tree Service Arlington VA Testimonial

October 5th, 2016

Dear Mr. Lowe,

I wanted to offer some positive feedback about the experience we had today with your tree removal team, lead by Mr. Enio.

Enio and his crew were courteous, diligent, and highly efficient in removing the mulberry tree in our backyard. (You may recall that this tree had split at the base and was partially lying on the house.) After the tree was down, they cleaned up our back yard, put down a little grass seed in an area that had been affected by the removal, and left the yard in great condition.

We were impressed by the professionalism and skill shown by Mr. Enio and his team. We wanted to thank you for providing excellent tree removal service to us. We will be sure to share your name with neighbors who are looking for tree removal services.


Laura Haywood-Leigh and
Christopher Leigh
Arlington, VA

Awareness – be careful when driving

August 31st, 2016

It can happen at any time, storm or no storm.  One of our own, Marcelino Cruz was driving home from work the other evening and a tree fell and hit his car pinning him into his seat.  It was a large dying/dead Red Oak that fell from a good distance from the road.  30 good samaritans helped lift the large trunk off the car to help save his life.  I write this post as a awareness to let drivers know to be aware of dead/dying trees, while they are driving.  Especially in dense tree areas.  This specific incident happened in Rock Creek Park.

This happens more often than anyone would like.  It can happen in a split second, so sometimes it can even happen to the most aware driver.  But it doesn’t hurt to be extra aware, especially in storms, and when driving in dense tree canopy areas where the road leads!

Marcelino is in our thoughts and prayers.  He has a crack in his skull and neck, we are still getting details on how he is doing but he does not have movement in his arm and leg.

Tree Service testimonial Centreville VA

August 11th, 2016

Tree Service Centreville VA Testimonial

In Mar 2016 we had JL Tree Service take down a dead 50-foot ash tree killed by emerald ash borers behind our Centreville home.  Crew 31 under Adon’s lead took very good care in safely taking down every part of that tree with ropes.  The tree was in the middle of our garden which was blooming quicker than expected.  Not one flower was touched!!  Smaller branches were sawed off by hand and precisely dropped into an open area of our yard.  Moreover, and important to me, the small crew carried, not dragged, each treetop piece from our lower back yard up to the main street WITHOUT touching any new flowers, bushes or neighbor’s items along the way.

JL’s price was very fair, the work professional, the crew pleasant, and the clean-up and overall “due care on the job” was impressive.  I say that from years of having other companies do similar work.  It’s one thing to drop a tree and another to do it carefully while respecting the landscaped property. JL Tree will be my “go-to” company for future tree work.  My older quote from last fall was still honored by arborist John Speener and his office–and they gave a senior discount!  (I left the job go undone through the winter.)  While meeting with John the first time, he gave me unhurried, expert advice on my other trees without “pushing” things that weren’t really needed.   Good guys all around!!   True professionals.

Thanks again!

Shaping Linden trees in the Circle

July 6th, 2016

Tree Pruning

If you drive through Fairfax Circle located on Fairfax Boulevard where 123 meets, check out the Circle Linden trees.  We have been pruning and shaping these trees for the City of Fairfax for years, as we have done the tree work for the City of Fairfax for 20 years or so. Great job on pruning these trees JL Tree Service Inc to keep the ‘Circle’ theme at Fairfax Circle!

Tree Pruning Circle Trees

It is not always good to do this type of pruning.  Only certain tree species should be considered, and its very high maintenance.  Discuss options with your arborist!


Tree Removal for Fairfax County

July 1st, 2016

JL Tree Service Tree Removal

Happy July 4th Independence day everyone!

Our team removed a very large tree for Fairfax County at a local school today using our Crane.  Its nice when the crane can setup right next to the tree, makes the job go a lot faster versus when the tree is located in close proximity to a house or residence and the crane has to pick the limbs out over the house.  Summer storms are coming, hoping everyone stays safe and best of all, let the professionals handle larger tree removals, make certain the companies are licensed and fully insured.


John Lewett Chipping Brush 1970’s!

May 9th, 2016

Chipping Brush

Check out this old picture of our President John Lewett chipping brush back in the 1970’s.  He is using an old Mitts & Merrill chipper, yes, this was his first brand chipper – sorry Vermeer and Morbark!


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