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Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

It may not seem like it, but winter is approaching quickly! Now is the best time to get your home ready for the colder months ahead. Colder weather means checking, repairing, and readying your home for the influx of rain, wind, and snow.  Here are the top to-do items that every homeowner needs to do before winter is here:

Seal Your Windows and Doors

Before the cold finally arrives, it is important to add weather stripping around your doors and windows. This will be key in preventing cold air from entering your home. Looking for cracked stripping and replace it with new more efficient stripping. Additionally, you’ll want to look at any caulking. If caulking is worn and ragged, remove it and re-caulk with some moisture resistant product. If you would like to reduce your heating bill, you won’t want to skip this step!

Clean Gutters

It is important to have clean and clear gutters for the upcoming winter months. If gutters become clogged, water can cause serious damage to the foundation, structure, and exterior of your home. It is also a main source of basement flooding, as well as interior mold and mildew problems. When you clean your gutters, be sure to practice safe ladder practices. Use the “three rule,” and always have at least one hand and two feet stable on the ladder. You’ll also want to enlist a spotter to hold the base of your ladder to avoid any potential problems. Lay a tarp underneath your gutters in order to protect your landscaping. If you live in a heavily wooded area, you may want to consider installing gutter guards, like LeafFilter, in order to eliminate gutter cleaning and any potential issues that can stem from clogged gutters.

Inspect your Fireplace

With the colder months ahead, you’ll most likely be getting more use out of your cozy fireplace. Homeowners with wood burning fireplaces should approach an expert about cleaning out their fireplace annually. After using your fireplace in the winter, there is s still a good chance that creosote, a flammable oil produced by coal or wood ash smoke, will build up on the interior of the chimney. If this oil hasn’t been removed properly, it could catch fire when you light your fireplace next year.

Check your Roof

Your roof protects your entire home from the increase of wind and precipitation. Before it starts to snow, check your roof for any signs of damage. Harsh weather conditions can wreak havoc on your home, causing shingles and tiles to break or curl. When your roof isn’t working up to par, moisture can seep into your home in places that are meant to be kept dry. Have a roofing professional check your roof and repair places that need it.

Trim Trees and Branches

If there are any trees or branches that are a potential hazard to the health of your home, now is the time to clear them away. With winter’s increase in precipitation and storms, trees that are close in proximity to your home can pose a serious threat. You may be able to remove small branches and trees from your home, however, larger tree removal services should be left to the experts. Be sure to look for a company that is fully insured and properly licensed. JL Tree Service has the credentials, reputation, and experience that you are seeking for yournext tree removal project.

It’s important to take care of your home now before the winter weather wreaks havoc on your home. Taking the time to complete these few steps will ensure that your home is safe and ready for the long winter that is ahead of us!

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